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Our Gilbert Roofers Discuss the Top Signs of a Roof Leak

A roof's lifespan is significantly influenced by how well it is maintained. This involves checking for leaks as soon as you notice the signs. The following section discusses the most common signs of interior leaks. If you suspect a roof leak at your home or business in Gilbert, AZ, or the surrounding areas, contact First Response Roofing AZ.

Ceilings and Walls Stained With Water

Water stains form on a building's walls or ceilings and are frequently yellow or dark brown in color. Sometimes these stains can be found in the corners, which makes them harder to spot. Run-down stains on a wall are a sign that there might also be water damage. We advise having your roof professionally evaluated at least twice a year to prevent the damage from getting worse.

Noticing Bad Odors

If the refrigerator in the break room isn't the cause of the obnoxious scent, it could be a roof leak. This foul smell, which suggests that there has been a leak there for a while, is most likely caused by the presence of mold and mildew. When water seeps through the floor and along the walls, a consistently wet environment is created, which is conducive to mold growth. Get a professional inspection immediately if you notice anything musty because mold can have serious negative consequences for your health.

Puddles or Dripping Water

One of the most obvious indications of a roof leak is a puddle of water since it is hard to ignore. A water puddle on the roof needs to be cleaned up right away since it presents a slipping risk and might damage expensive equipment.

Roof Repair in Gilbert

It is important to act quickly if you suspect roof leaks or other damage. Our team can perform hail damage roof repair, storm damage roof repair, time-related roof repair, and general roof repair services to ensure your home remains properly protected. Common signs of a roof leak include wet spots on your ceiling, missing or shifted roofing shingles, or a physical water drip inside your house. If you notice any of these issues or have other concerns, call us right away at (480) 924-4444 to request emergency roof repair in Gilbert, Chandler, or a surrounding Arizona community. We offer shingle roof repair, tile roof repair, and flat roof repair services.

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