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The Best Way to Maintain Flat Roofs in Gilbert, AZ

Commercial flat roof

Commercial buildings are the most common place to find flat roofs, but houses also have them. The guides and upkeep suggestions shown below will help you keep your flat roof in good condition. When your flat roof needs a repair or replacement in Gilbert, AZ, or the surrounding areas, contact First Response Roofing AZ.

Can You Walk On Your Roof?

Stay off of your roof if it wasn’t built to be walked or stood on. People were not intended to be supported by some flat roofing systems, and the additional weight could harm the roof's layers and cause leaks. If any debris is out of your reach, contact a professional to take care of the job.

Remove All Foliage From the Roof

There will be leaves, sticks, and branches if there are nearby trees. However, sticks and leaves can hinder drainage, and branches can lead to roof holes. Blocked drainage systems may cause water damage and pools. By maintaining your trimming, you can protect your roof from harm and drainage issues.

Look Up

Inside your home or building, it's important to occasionally glance up because leaks will be evident in the ceiling just beneath your roof. If there are any stains or pools on the ceiling you know your roof is leaking and you need to take action right away to prevent further damage.

Get an Inspection After a Storm

A professional inspection is essential following a storm since flat roofs can sustain significant damage from strong winds and storms. Hail can pierce a roof and strong winds can lift it, both of which can create an opening for water to enter.

Flat Roof Installation and Repairs in Gilbert

Is it time to repair or replace your flat roof? The experts at First Response Roofing AZ specialize in multi-family housing and flat roofing in Gilbert, Chandler, and the neighboring communities.

Our team will work closely with you as a property owner or manager to ensure your roofing needs are fulfilled within your budget. Call us at (480) 924-4444 to get started.

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